All in a day’s work

Most of our scientists and researchers go to work each day with at least a general knowledge of what they’ll be doing that day. We like our consistent routines. But last week, Riverside employees Taniya Wallace and Chrissy Steponzi, as well as Lauren Noble, a Riverside subcontractor and part of our NOAA team working in the Gulf of Mexico, got a little extra excitement thrown into their schedules. They were part of a team that was able to return a stranded dolphin back to safer waters.

A two-year-old female dolphin had become stranded in a canal in Henderson Point, Mississippi, a few weeks ago. NOAA, along with other agencies, monitored the dolphin for a couple of weeks before deciding they needed to intervene, due to dropping water temperatures and salinity levels. The rescue was quick and easy, and the team was even able to attach a satellite tag on her dorsal fin, allowing NOAA to monitor the dolphin’s whereabouts for six months.

For more details about the rescue effort and for a short video, visit:

Researchers assist a stranded dolphin in Mississippi. (Photo credit: WLOX)

Rock on, River Rats!

Even though the stereotype about scientists and engineers being most comfortable heads down in their work spaces is partially true, the experts here at Riverside do make a point to get out and expend energy playing a bit of all-in-good-fun competitive sports, too. Last fall, Riverside’s illustrious kickball team, the River Rats, maintained an excellent record of winning many of the pre-game coin tosses and is looking forward to the opportunity to improve upon their two-win season. We’re having better luck in our current basketball season, going 2-0 so far. Our team – made up of employees and their kids – dominated a team of firefighters in Week 1! Come cheer on our undefeated River Rats basketball team at the Northside Aztlan Community Center in Fort Collins every Wednesday night between 7-9pm.